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Take some minutes to settle in at, where we bring you various gambling destinations with exciting bonus and promotion offers. We are interested in your convenience – it is the sole aim of our existence, which is why we have set our privacy on five basic principles:

  • Security
  • Transparency
  • Access
  • Accountability, and
  • Choice respects every player’s privacy, showing excellent commitment to safeguarding your data, and processing it in compliance with iGaming laws. We endeavor that you read everything mentioned in this Privacy Policy, and understand it. Additionally, we crave everyone’s indulgence to review our website’s Terms of Use. We also want to believe that when you use our service, you acknowledge our stance regarding the collection of the data described in this part.

If you have a counter-opinion about our Privacy Policy, please ensure not to proceed further on our site. You have a right to discontinue using our services when you want to; although, some of your data may have to remain with us for any reason, legally.

What Do We Need From Our Users?

The information presented at is important and we try to collect it in versatile ways:

  1. We ask them for important details during registration or feedbacks
  2. We obtain some info automatically from many online sources
  3. We request information from third-party services/websites

See the description of the information we collect from the three sources below.

We Might Ask Our Users for Their Details

At, we collect the necessary data from you either:

During Registration may request important details about you in the online application. Some of the details we request are your full name, email address, phone contact, country/region, birth date, etc. We also ask for your permission to receive our newsletter. By entering these details and subscribing to our services, you agree to share your data with us.

Feedbacks and Suggestions

We have a great support service department, and we allow you to reach us using diverse channels available, such as email address, complaint submission form, live chat. When you turn to our service in any possible way, you will need to submit personal information for us to acknowledge your request. We also encourage feedback, comments, and suggestions about what you think about our services; during the process, we ask you to submit some details that we can work with.


Referring other people to use our website has its benefits. In the process of giving out the reward, we request your private details to verify your identity and also update our database regarding your interest in

We Obtain Information Automatically Online

Online tracking technologies have been helpful for many websites, including ours. They allow us to collect information about our users without directly asking them for it.

Some of the popular online tracking technologies that naturally store information about users on their devices are tags, scripts, cookies, and pixels. We use these technologies to our advantage, collecting information like IP addresses from the device, to verify your location. We will know where you are logging in from, and find out if you are allowed to or not.

We Request Information From Trustworthy Third-Party Services

Some third-party sites are registered with, and they have a right to collect specific details about individuals registered on our website. We share your personal details with sources such as:

Contact Book: Every means used to contact you personally – for instance, your full name, email or postal address, phone address, etc.

Demographic data: Important details about your personality used in creating customized content and ads on social platforms, such as age, gender, income level, etc.

Publicly-observed data: Your online statistics are used to create personalized ads, i.e., activities on social platforms, or websites and blogs.

Job-related data: During job application, you may have entered certain details, we could use that to match applicants when we have open positions.

Third-party account/profile data: Social networking sites are not left out of how we get hold of your information. At, we have social media support for our users, so that we can advertise some of our services directly using channels such as Facebook, and Twitter. Therefore, we could request your social sign-in details so that you successfully use the services we provide or view the content we have uploaded.

Online activity data: Taking into account your Internet activity, we may have additional details on your interests, purchases, etc., to create customized content for you.

How Do We Use The Information We Have? always uses the available information, including personal data, concerning maintaining Privacy. Find out how we use them below:

We make sure you are eligible for all our services since we can run id verification when you sign in or remember your profile.

The information we’ve received makes it easier for us to attend to all complaints or questions that may result from the use of our platform. We even update you on new services by sending alerts or notifications.

We always want our users to get first-hand information on promotions, bonuses, offers, etc., that we have available. The only way to do that is to have everyone’s information.

Creating well-detailed content or ads targeted for you is possible with the details that we have.

Sometimes, hosts giveaways, sweepstakes. At, we want nothing more than everyone to be informed. We disclose that information to users who have provided enough or qualifiable entry details based on received data.

Utilizing user information to track performance and verify the delivery of ad campaigns is consequential. The number of interested people in a campaign can help determine the efficiency of the channels used.

How Your Information is Shared By Us?

Sharing your information is also one of the things we do, but there are limits to what we can give out. We share only in situations when they need to be inevitably disclosed.

Below are some instances:

Legally, we indulged to share your details with specific brands, authorities, etc., that may take an interest in you. They include:

Law Enforcements and Government-established Authorities

We may give out your details to law enforcement, regulators, and government authorities if it is required, i.e., if you have to respond to court orders, legal processes, subpoenas, and any other thing related to legal processes. Sometimes, this disclosure is important to ensure user and platform safety.

Service Providers

Service Providers are one set of people who are likely to request your customer data. They need us to provide information about our users so that we can run important tasks such as data processing, analytics, message deployment, advertising and marketing, and customer support. They only have exclusive access to your private details for the general provision of our services to users, and nothing more.

Audience Measurement Services

We are interested in how our users find our services, i.e. if they view our content or not; hence, we seek the help of audience measurement companies. With their services, we can check audience statistics by providing information about our users.

Third-Party Video Viewing Authorities

According to the law, we are required to share with third-party companies/authorities your video viewing behavior.


We have partners who come in very handy in the provision of our products and services. It is consequential that we share relevant information about our users to enable them to qualify for different offerings listed by partners, such as sponsorships, giveaways, contests, sweepstakes, etc. has Co-Branded Partners that also oversee the services rendered by our platform. You may even be told to submit personal details to enjoy some of their services. Likewise, they have a Privacy Policy that applies.

Third-Party Partners/Individuals

Apart from our authorized partners, we may have to share your information with third-party partners or individuals who are interested in using your contact for marketing campaigns. We establish strong advertising relationships with these entities for our platform’s growth and development; however, there are limits to what we provide.

How Do We Manage Your Information and Support Your Privacy Choices?

Our Privacy Policy doesn’t only extend rights to us; we also allow users to make decisions. You have a right to how your information is collected, stored, and shared at Here is how we manage all the data and support your privacy choices:

At the account settings, you are free to review or change your signup data. You select what information you want to be public and what is hidden.

You have a chance to opt out of emails and newsletters from, concerning the use of our services. However, when you unsubscribe from these communications services, we still find a way of reaching you regarding the use of our site.

You are also free to contact us using the various channels we have provided regarding individual data. You can ask us to review our Privacy Policy to meet your needs, such as amending, updating, or deleting your information. You can even send a request for account closure for some time and state reasons for your actions. However, we may retain some pieces of information for certain reasons.

The Security of Our Information

While we handle Privacy as of utmost importance, we also show commitment to your information protection. We are aware that data is fragile, and it must never be in the wrong hands. ensures top-notch protection of personal and financial data using the latest technologies to prevent the loss, misuse, alteration, and illegal access to your personal details.

Child/Underage Protection

There is something peculiar to us at, and that is making sure gambling is accessible. However, the accessibility isn’t for everyone, which is why our content isn’t designed for the general audience. We collect valuable information from people we think are eligible to use our platform – those above the age of 18.

Our Privacy Policy doesn’t support underage gambling, so we do not knowingly obtain data for people below 18 years. Therefore, we assume that by using our platform, you are above the required age, or approved by a guardian or parent for dependent use of

What Happens When We Find Out You Are Below 18 Years of Age?

Peradventure you have successfully signed in on our platform, and we discover that you are under 18 years, we will immediately block your account, and take disciplinary measures. For instance, you may never be able to access our website again. We also delete your data from our records.

Please reach out to us at [email protected] if you suspect someone below 18 years of age is using our website, and we are unaware that we collected their data.

What We Think About Third-Party Services?

Please note that we are particular about third-party websites and services associated with our platform. may contain links from these platforms, and we expect our users to be aware of that. However, we do not take responsibility for the content displayed by these websites, nor do we take interest in their privacy and security protocols. So, when you click these links, you are leaving our site and moving to theirs.

If you are interested in the services of these third-party sites, we advise that you do your assignment and review their privacy policies. Make sure that you understand clearly what such site has access to, and how it collects and shares data. All information provided on these third-party sites is ruled by their privacy policy.

Privacy Policy Changes’s Privacy Policy is designed to help our platform and users to safety. We reserve the right to update the must-know data provided concerning our services when necessary (every now and then). When we do this, we make sure to keep you informed of the recent update – we change the “Last Modified Date” at the top section to a more recent time.

Furthermore, our Privacy Policy changes also apply to how we compile, use, and share personal information. If there is a new update concerning material changes, we make sure to keep you informed beforehand via the email provided on our website. has applicable laws, and by them, this Privacy Policy was formed. We do not have any other purposes for your private information use than what we have described above – even if we have to, it would be with your consent. You also have a right to access your personal info and modify it to fit your needs.

At, we are open to establishing strong relationships with you, starting by ensuring a decent privacy policy.

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